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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 28, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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act aivate atyour 5% cash bact (male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> thanks for joining us on this thursday february 28th. the top story, santa cruz memorial growing now to mark the deaths of two officers killed in a line of duty, we will have a live report. >> watching the latest out of washington, one day ahead of the deadline we are 85 billion and automatic spending cuts could kick in. >> history of breast on holding right now in vatican city. the benedictus 60,000 his final hours of his tenure. we will have a live report coming up within the next hour. >> it is definitely warmer than yesterday morning, by between four and 14 degrees
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now. with that the 46, 47 hayward, 49 sampras's go, 46 and novato. i will have a closer look at where these numbers are expected to go into the afternoon coming up in my next report. >> a good ride around the bay right now, a quick commute check. no hot spots or major delays. we of slow traffic in the east bay for interstate 580 and highway 4 through antioch and along the altamont pass. light traffic for south bay freeways and the peninsula and north bay ride also. >> 6:01 a.m. and the latest developments in the killings of the two santa cruz police officer's gun down by the man who is much that you just saw there. the attackers police are back at work one day after taking time off to more loss of two fellow officers. the
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officers were shot and killed while looking for a convicted sex offender on tuesday. two other agencies stepped up to keep the city save while the department grieved. kron4 is will tran is live at the scene where there is a growing memorial outside the police department. >> when the police officers returned today approximately 84 police officers, they will be met by grief counselors on hand to help them understand this and read their minds around it. before tuesday, there has never been a police fatality in the line of fire ever in the history of santa cruz. we had to in one day. this is why shot has now turned into sorrow. you can see the memorial and from the police apartment continuing to grow. candles burned all night with the
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two pictures of the police officers in front. funeral services in a citywide plan for them are still pending leading up to the family is deciding what to do. in terms of the santa cruz county police department, the sheriff's department as well as chp held out yesterday and they will be on hand just in case the police officers did not return. it is up to them to decide whether and not they will return. the other agencies are here to help their colleagues. we will talk to the public information officer from the santa cruz police apartment when he arrives around 7 or 730 this morning. >> caught on video, the issue out between santa cruz police in front of jeremy goulet is a home. at least
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35 rounds could be heard all fire and 12 seconds. some of the bullet hit a nearby car writergarage. policey when goulet was found he was wearing body armor and had three guns. the two of those weapons believed to belong to fall in officers. >> he's just your normal cycle papsychopath. that is all former neighbor and berkeley described goulet, a typical psychopath. >> jackie sissel was there at the height of it win the water main break.
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>> where i'm standing right now 24 hours ago i would a bit under 3 ft. of water. that is where the 16 in. cast iron main water pipes burst. right now, the pipe has been fixed but the street remains closed out here. we are at the corner of wawona and 15th avenue. that huge water main burst yesterday morning sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water down to the street inundating some cars and causing a giant sinkhole. the public department at the word yesterday cleaning up the streets. the good is this they were able to fix the ply. they'll be out here to repair the road later this morning. there's still lots of work to be done. at some
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point the water is 3 ft. deep and some of the garages. some of the lungs or yellow tags and needs to be inspected by the department of the city of sam francisco. the street looks clean out here this morning, most of the mud is gone. most of the work remains and a lot of these houses, over two dozen affected by this. lots of cars that water and mud in them. >> they give for the update. hopefully they will get their repaired quickly. >> the white house is saying efforts to avoid the $85 billion in automatic budget cuts are unlikely to succeed before those cuts are set to kick again tomorrow. president obama and congressional leaders are scheduled to meet tomorrow, the day of the deadline. this is a self-inflicted crisis in washington, these automatic cuts were put into
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the debt ceiling negotiations and gave lawmakers more than a year to come up with better cuts to replace these across-the- board cuts but of course congress has been unable to act. the irony here is that because the economy is improving, the u.s. government actually already has an additional 84 billion in revenues so far this year but the federal budget is still 1.3 trillion short. theses could have at a major affect in california with a projected loss of $10 billion in federal funds. it is possible that with the fund's kicking and tomorrow the lawmakers could compromise next week and do something that attractively. >> 6 07 a m and coming up a uc santa cruz student of the death of a campus. we will have the details. we are also live at st. peter's basilica in rome where hours from now, the pope
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>> 6 and a.m. and police are asking the public for help in finding an 11 year-old foster child who went missing monday morning after being dropped off at an elementary school and san leandro. miles out of there amyles oliverez was dropped off at madison elementary school on juniper street. he never returned his foster home at the end of the day. san leandro police believe that milemyles maybe with his birth mother, michelle oliverez who has been trying to reunite with him since
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their separation. she does not have known address it is known to frequent berkeley, richmond and oakland. police at uc santa cruz are investigating the death of a student. officials say young man fell 75 ft. down ever been from a pedestrian bridge on campus. he was airlifted to a hospital later died. but the incident is under investigation at this time, please do not suspect any foul play. the names of the victim had been have not been released pending family notification. >> san borodino county officials of calculated just how much the six day manhunt for former lapd officer christopher dorner costs. the price tag for the search and investigation comes about $550,000. that figure includes a share department helped lead search of these standard in the mountains involving 10 other agencies.
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the order wa found dead and buriedorner was found dead in a burned cabin after a shootout with police earlier this month.
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>> today as the polls last day. mike pelton is in san francisco study of the people are now they'll be affected on this historic day. >> this officially comes to
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an end at 11:00 this morning california time. the bubbles in the next couple of hours traveling to his summer residence where he was in the first few weeks of his retirement. today he met with the college of partners worry are urged them to work together to decide when to hold the conclave. officials hope that in the pulp and plays by the end of the month, and time for easter sunday. at st. mary's, the first mass is underway and a half an hour. we hope to get reaction from worshipers as they show up this morning. we can have the first ever american boat. i've spoken with the leaders at st. mary's and they say it is very unlikely. catholic leaders across the globe are pretty nervous to give that much power to the united states. there'll be plenty of speculation in the coming weeks as to who will get the nod.
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>> take a look at this new video and to kron4 out of kenosha wisconsin. they got more than a foot of snow yesterday in their reports of nearly 200 crashes. plows were busy pushing more than a foot of snow off the roads in the county. this particular time extended its snow emergency declaration until this morning. drivers were urged to slow down and let plow crews do their job. >> let's take a closer look at that system. the level on your screen indicates snow fall. yesterday we saw upwards of 19 in. of snow for portions of southeastern wisconsin. it was a very wet, heavy snow. it was a single storm and one person died because of it. there were a lot of accidents out
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there but the good news is at is this is not only impacting wisconsin but parsons of illinois, indiana. this is something we will continue to monitor especially if we see any flight delays out of s f o. local weather, yesterday's high as seven days for a santa rosa and napa and livermore, 69 concord. we are anticipating similar conditions this afternoon. sunshine, mainly clear skies and temperatures are already off to a warmer start. we're between four and 14 degrees warmer than we were for 24 hours ago. 49 currently in oakland, 46 daly city. future cast four is tracking numbers and by
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lunchtime, the green indicates '60s and '70s going in as we head into your afternoon highs. by 8:00 p.m., mild weather stick around. the blue indicates that the mergers and the '50s. we did see exactly where those afternoon highs are headed. 67 sunnyvale, 67 mountain view, 74 fairfield. downtown san francisco 64, that the 72, 69 ipad of loma. a couple of interesting things to note satellite picture, i pressure is doing a very good to have of keeping a majority of the wet weather well to our north. any showering activity that was coming down from the pacific northwest will instead shift east. we're seeing a clear skies right now, dry
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weather around the bay area. 7 day around the bay forecast highlights tomorrow as the warmest of the week. low seventies for a lot of us, up we could seize the mid-70s and the south bay. changes to talk about, a weak system could bring cloud cover and a drop in temperature and maybe sprinkle saturday into sunday. dry weather sticks around for monday and tuesday and wednesday. another system could bring some eight rain and to our area, it is much needed. this is the driest parts of the year since 1852. we are well below record rainfall. we could see a quarter of events to happen to rain as we head into the middle of next week. >> traffic was pretty light back then too, as it is this morning. no hot spots we are starting to see a back up farming at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights have been activated. the 880 approach is not badly back above all,
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14 to 60 minutes drive times. san mateo bridge of arrive for 90 to the volume is up but the speeds are still good. the drive times are not up, still at 11 minutes. the golden gate bridge is smooth light traffic from 1 01 southbound. these may rat looks good for interstate 880, only a couple of minutes added to the drive time between 16 and 18 minutes. 680 south, still some problems north of the venetian bridge where a slower ride their is a lot of county down to this ban. no problems out of there. south bay freeways still look good, there was a brief period of delay on 1 01 north and that is already cleared up. the ride 01 01 through marin has not begun to slow for 1 01 southbound. it is slower from ride the central valley on the case train or we have picked up some delays. train no. 1 anh tran #3 will be a bit delayed. many metro cow train and brought it were all on time this morning.
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>> las vegas police say a 22 year-old miami bombing is no longer a person of it as an a shooting in crashed and killed three people on las vegas strip last week. here is video of the grass. police now say tineesha howard is no longer being sought in the case. she was missing and possibly endangered, but investigators say she was located. they did not elaborate any further. authorities are still looking for a amar carries the eggs, that was driving the as you be at buyers out that led to the debt of aspirant robert kinnerapper keny
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>> welcome back we had up the house in beit an encouraging words to help but thathe dow rallied. droppedd unemployment claims, that is there. the economy grew at an annualized rate of 0.1% from october to december quarter. watching shares of a group on, down 25 percent right now. they reported worse than expected earnings. the j.c. penney is not helping the struggling
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chain. they reported a quarter loss of over $400 million. they seek any shares are down 17%. dow futures were up but now turning negative ahead of the opening bell. >>, as appears ready to approve the expanded violence against women act. today, the republican-led house is expected to first reject its own attempt to renew the old law before voting for a more ambitious bill that passed the senate two weeks ago. the new proposal would better protect gays and lesbians, immigrants and eight american women. >> we want to bring up the latest in a couple of minutes and also keeping an eye on wall street. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories.
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>> the games of the world baseball classic starts this weekend and the finals are intemperances go. at&t park march 16th and 17th, you can still get tickets. the dow was still down, we will have more updates with rob black coming up. >> 6:30 a.m. and we want to check the weather. >> good morning we are waking up to as temperature is currently in the '40's and '50's. mild to warm conditions later this afternoon and we could see low '70's. tomorrow is shaping up to be the warmest day of the week. we will mix things up as we head into the weekend. increase in cloud cover into martyrs will start to fall. we could see a light sprinkle for the north bay, full details on the extended forecast coming
6:33 am
up in just a few minutes. >> we been incident free of the bay bridge but the backup is building, 1618 minutes. the ride the east bay gets heavier, slow traffic on highway 4 and interstate 580 and also the king of slowing on the nimitz freeway interstate 8684 this an old grade. south bay peninsula and north bay freeways still look pretty good. >> 631 a m in following the latest out of santa cruz were 2 officers were shot and killed tuesday before the suspect was killed as well. will tran is live in santa cruz with the latest on a growing memorial. >> it occurred just moments ago because i saw a woman stop by here and drop off some flowers and a letter. new this morning the santa cruz police department officers were off agreed yesterday but today we back to work. they will be met by grief counselors. this is
6:34 am
uncharted territory for them, they have never had a police fatality and a line of duty ever in their history. then all the sudden, to end one day. they were in shock on tuesday and that is why the police department steps up to help their colleagues cope. they're still on standby 8 just in case all 84 police of the serbs do not return. most of them should return. the pending plans as far as federal services at a citywide memorial for these two officers are still pending. they want to make sure that the families take the lead in all of this. the candles continue to burn throughout the night and the flowers are huge. i was here yesterday, it was half the size. it has grown so much that we saw one person from the santa cruz police department log from inside to outside to bring something back and. we
6:35 am
expect more people show up as the community goes from shop to sorrow. >> we will continue to follow the latest from santa cruz, thank you for the update. >> selling new revelations this morning about the santa cruz got killer this morning. jeremy goulet is at father is now speaking out, saying his son was like a ticking time bomb. the 64 year-old father says " he had contempt for the cops and hated our justice system, he had been in jail before its four he would never go back. he goes on to say he has a problem, keeping and windows. i am asking him why don't you just go to a strip club? he said he wants a good girl that doesn't know she's being spied on and as he said he could not stop doing it. the father also says that jeremy goulet text it is when brother the day of the shooting and said i am
6:36 am
in big trouble, i love you. >> the suspect lived in berkeley before moving to santa cruz and maureen kelly spoke with delays former neighbor was as the new gene is on the about them was not right. >> up just another normal psychopath. they both had freebie things about them but jeremy was the great. >> she said it was the wave your meat talked to her and made your skin crawl. she also said the brothers both seem to be dating the same woman simultaneously. >> we would see them all together, having intercourse. it was really disturbing. >> she said she called the police on them last september after hearing the brothers fighting. >> it sound like one of them was going to be killed. i heard bodies slamming on the ground and i felt my
6:37 am
apartment shake. >> she and her husband google and jeremy and found out he had a history of being a peeping tom and considered moving but could not afford to. >> when they move out, we were really relieved. >> we have video of jeremy goulet and an oregon court room back in 2007. goulet was arrested for beating of a woman in portland, and then trying to kill the woman's boyfriend after he confronted him. some of the charges were dropped and goulet was convicted of carrying a gun without a concealed weapon permit an invasion of personal privacy. goulet got probation, but was sentenced to two years in jail after a dispute with his probation officer. kron4 will provide continuing coverage of the murder of the two said the crews officers. this morning at 1130, and is covered as planned by the santa cruz police department. will be
6:38 am
broadcast live on kron4 is 247 channel comcast 193 and on our digital channel 4.2. >> oakland mayor jean kwon says the city is taking steps to become more states. and our annual state of the city of brass sheet devoted a third of her speech to the fight against crime. she talked about the planned growth of the police department from 611 officers to 800 within five years. oakland economy, which quan says game more than 5000 jobs over the past year. she says the city is moving ahead with plans for more economic growth. she also it knowledge of was the last major hurdles decline. she called on everyone in the city to work together to lower crime rates. >> a live look at san
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no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. >> 6:39 a.m. and a look at the bay bridge approach six t. it looks like it even warmer day on tap for tomorrow. >> officials at s f o r warning potential dog voters, this is a big lead those wanting "yorkies" dogs be where of a pet scam at the airport. it is a scam that begins on web sites offering to give away bats and offering air transport to connect a pet owner with the new this camera
6:43 am
then request of the council or by a portion of the transportation cost. this request is sent an official looking e-mail from the health-care department at as at all. airport as a slave no such department or e-mail account exists and that as at all is in no way connected to this scam. >> starting to morale, tens of thousands of san francisco kids will be able to take free rides on muni. the long-awaited free muni for low income you program is a 16 month experiment. about 20,000 young sam francisco ends ages 5 to 17 have signed out. students qualify their families are below the bay area's median income. youth advocates and submit its advisor david campos led the two year plans for the $6.6 million
6:44 am
program, which was funded by the condensable transportation agency and regional metropolitan transportation commission. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the dow rob black joining us, what would you like to talk about. >> group on >> big drop >> a little earlier in the year group on offered discounts on gap stores an idea came out saying it was a disaster. they are geared for people 18 to 35. adults
6:48 am
are not using them as much, i say adults and i mean people over 35. this is not good. zing the was a disaster, facebook ipo disaster. >> watching group of their down 23% to $4.58 a share. pretty disappointing numbers from j.c. penney's, there trying to turn things around. >> the >> stores from our childhood. sears and j.c. penney's. sears is doing well because they have the supplies, the paint and the tools. two days ago i said this could be the point where it could turn around, i was today's to early. rhine and johnson will probably not last through the holiday season. he is going to bring discounting and couponing back. he
6:49 am
brought couponing back but said no discounts. he said i will sell a share for $40 that as actually $20, was at a 50% of sale? people love shopping at dollar general, they go crazy shopping there. apple stores, and t. j. max. they are smaller and modern department stores. >> pandora out how much is costing them a lot of money to streaming music. they're talking about limiting it to 40 hours a month for people who streamed for free. >> i like this. it you streamline your phone, it is down to four hours a day. this is ok. they will add 99¢ if you want to go above that. they are trying to monetize it is going to be slow. i think apple sued by
6:50 am
pandora, spotted by an netflix barry. pandora cannot lose money for ever, i did that there ceo is on top of it but it is not enough of a big business monologue. >> they have been lobbying for congress to change their royalties a they have to pay for streaming music. >> if we had an hour to talk about how unfair media practices are >> 6:48 a.m. and a look at walnut creek traffic. we are in for a nice day and even warmer tomorrow. >> tomorrow is expected to be the warmest day of the week. we can actually squeezed out mid-70s for some of our east bay interior valleys and out of the south bay. right now, no
6:51 am
complaints from me temperature on the warmer side. 49 as amber cisco, 46 concord. numbers into the afternoon, plenty of 60s. even some seventies to go round. fairfield 70, 72 napa, 68 degrees is amity of. san mateo. high pressure is really doing a good job of keeping the ran well to our north. yet the drive a couple of hours to see any wet weather activity. the majority of the wet weather from the pacific northwest will shift east. 7 day around the bay forecast, several changes to talk about. warmer weather as we pushed into your friday. saturday into sunday could pick up some lights wriggles
6:52 am
for the north bay. most of us will be dry, and see a change in temperature is at an increase in cloud cover. monday, mild temperatures of the low 60s. tuesday into wednesday, will rain is expected to arrive in the bay area. cloudy conditions and you could accumulate have an edge of rain. we have a record low rainfall amount. it is not in this dry to start in the years since 1852. had it up to tahoe, snow but snow about .com sierra tahoe base of 33 to 92 in., norstar base of 36 to 79. squaw valley as reported a base of 24 to 95 in.. >> we are still monitoring a good ride around the bay area. no hot spots, starting with the bridge check. a bridge back up not too bad this morning. 60 minutes to
6:53 am
18 minutes out of the macarthur maze, less if you're coming off the nimitz freeway. as an italian breads, 92 ride slows a bit as we become more volume. 30 minutes drive time. goalie gate bridge is still a smooth trip even though the volume is up. we will drag them rent drive time upper east shore freeway, 21 minutes hercules the berkeley for the west on 80 ride. more to go slowing for six is out " and so on the creek and started off into the san ramon valley. the 580 ride westbound is heaviest through the of the mall past. the reds in castro valley still looks good. south bay freeways aren't as low, guadalupe parkway. well one northbound out of the coyote valley and 280 north and 880 interchange. the north bay ride has picked up a little
6:54 am
slowing, drive time is 29 minutes from about down to the golden gate bridge. >> 618 and at county jails across the state and house and more than 1100 long-term inmates in buildings designed for stays of a year or less. that is a finding of report obtained by the associated press. it's easy as the growth and presein california's prison population under governor brown's realignment strategy. the oversight of some long-term inmates of those serving sentences of five years are more is presenting a challenge for county sheriffs. i only did eight prop have to provide inmates with adequate space, that was also offer and made education, treatment programs, rehab services and recreation at into the costs. >> right now there is a reassuring news for pregnant
6:55 am
women were miserable with morning sickness. i did our study found no evidence that using the popular anti nausea drug zofran will harm their babies. one in 10 pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting but many skit using a medicine for your side effects. no drugs are currently approved for morning said as in the u.s. but experts say zofran has been a top choice. coming out of a kron4 morning news been a top choice. coming out of a kron4 morning news well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show
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>> i would like to wear your smart phone under arrest? in palo alto based company
6:59 am
called hubble is scrambling to roll out its new high- tech smart watches. there are couple of pictures of the device from its kickstart campaign. the what is wirelessly connect your android or iphone. users can read texts, see was calling them, and read their twitter and facebook feed. that bill is not the first company to make a play the watch market. there are rumors apple has its own i watched in the works. >> we're learning more about the gunman used and killed two santa cruz police officers on tuesday. we're checking out repairs under way at a severance is the neighborhood that was the scene of a water main break up flooded homes and cars yesterday. step curry continues his mean streak. he has done something no one else has done so far this season.


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